9 millésimes de Credo dégustés par Julien Miquel

9 millésimes de Credo dégustés par Julien Miquel

9 millésimes de Credo dégustés par Julien Miquel

Julien Miquel, oenologue, influenceur reconnu mondialement dans le vin et fondateur de SocialVignerons nous a fait l’honneur de sa présence lors de notre soirée d’inauguration de notre Club 1895. Cette soirée d’inauguration a été l’occasion de déguster une verticale de notre cuvée prestige Le Credo (9 millésimes de 2007 à 2015).

En savoir plus sur le Credo

Il nous livre aujourd’hui ses commentaires de dégustation sur chacun des millésimes dégustés

2011 Cazes Le Credo

Score: 93+/100 Pts. Very dark core, intense red to the rim. The nose also is intense, expressive filled with cocoa and sweet spices aroma, prune and dark cherry. Powerful almond and marzipan notes dominate. The palate is bursting with dark chocolate and plum marmalade, on soft and round body. Huge flavor intensity and concentration. It somewhat tastes like a local red fortified wine (a solid Banyuls or Maury) but dry, and probably fresher in fruit characters. An exceptional level of complexity and depth. An exceptional vintage then is this 2011, although unfortunately Cazes doesn’t have any more of it for sale. But buy it if you’re lucky enough to find it somewhere, even a case of it as this should be able to age for a solid 10 years and reach even higher levels of complexity.

2012 Cazes Le Credo

Score: 94/100 Pts. Dark red color. Intense nose, powerfully fragrant with aromas of strawberry jam, dark cherry and white pepper. Somewhat restrained, with an elegant aromatic profile despite its warmth and ripe fruit notes. Dense velvety tannic structure, bringing great tension. The solid acidity balances the power and alcohol well. Extreme flavor concentration, Provencal herbs, citrus peels and nut liqueur. A vintage with outstanding density and a long-lasting potential. This is the current release of Le Credo, so this one you can (and perhaps should) buy. Hold for 5 years at least, and up to 15.

Le déguster

2015 Cazes Le Credo

Score: 93-95/100 Pts. Also tasted a sample out of the tank. The wine is still tight at this stage, but the tannic concentration displayed with great finesse is outstanding. Smooth, fruity and utterly balanced, the 2015 vintage certainly suggests an enormous potential for becoming an outstanding wine. Could this be the best Le Credo wine ever made? Time will tell and it’ll have to be taste again after bottling. But I wouldn’t be surprised it turned out to be the most successful dry red blend ever made by Cazes. Definite answer in a few years.

Commentaires de dégustation par Julien Miquel – SocialVignerons


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