Terms of Sales

1 – Identification of the Seller

The www.cazes-rivesaltes.com website has been designed and owned by SAS CAZES, hereinafter referred to as “Seller”. The Internet user who visits this website, hereinafter referred to as “Customer”, may at any time contact the Seller by telephone, e-mail or post:


4, Francisco Ferrer Street BP 61

66602 Rivesaltes Cedex


E-mail: info@cazes.com

Siret: 31780909300022

VAT N °: FR32 317809093


2 – Protection of minorsIn accordance with article L. 3342-1 of the Public Health Code, which stipulates that the sale of alcohol to minors under the age of eighteen (18) years is prohibited, the Customer undertakes, by filling in the voucher Of order, to be eighteen (18) years old at the date of the order.Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, to consume in moderation.The products sold on this website contain alcohol, and should be consumed in moderation.3 – Products, Packaging and PricesThe Seller distributes the wines, hereinafter referred to as “the products”, via the website.- The bottles are delivered in cardboard in multiples of 6.- A magnum counts for 2 bottles.- The TOTAL price, hereinafter referred to as “Price” indicated in the order confirmation, is T.T.C. and is definitive. This price includes the price of the Products, handling, packing and transport costs. The Prize is expressed in Euros. – Discounts may be granted to the Customer depending on the quantity of products ordered, or in the case of order of products identified “Promotional”, delivered to the same address in metropolitan France.- The shipping costs are the responsibility of the Customer. The cost of transport is calculated automatically by the website, depending on the number of bottles, and / or the delivery area chosen. (Please refer to the delivery cost table below the basket).- The goods remain the property of the Seller until payment in full.


4 – PaymentThis Merchant Web Site allows the Customer to make payment in several ways:- by bank or postal check, to be sent by post to the postal address of the Seller above,- by bank transfer, to be made directly from the Client’s bank account to the Seller’s bank account (the RIB is sent to the customer via the website upon confirmation of order)- by credit card: this method allows the customer to make the payment directly online. After the validation of the order on the Vendor’s site and the assignment of the order number, the Customer is redirected to the secured site of the Seller’s bank (Electronic Payment Terminal – TPE). This site must appear according to the secure protocol https: // in the Client’s Internet browser.The TPE installed on this site performs the enhanced identification of the Customer’s credit card, called 3D SEcure (MasterCard) or Verified by Visa (VISA). During this dual identification procedure, the Client is required to provide in the first phase: the number of his / her bank card, expiry date and security code present on the back of the credit card. In the second phase, the bank connects to the bank issuing the bank card, and asks the customer for other codes specific to each bank. The Client must contact his bank in case of difficulty in step 2 of the identification.


5-Transport – Delivery timeThe products are delivered to the delivery address indicated in the order, by the carrier mandated by the Seller. The Seller undertakes to have the Products delivered within a maximum of 10 working days, except in the case of extreme weather conditions which make the transport of products unsuitable (strong heat or strong gels). In the event of non-compliance with this deadline, the Customer may ask the Seller to cancel the order altogether.The goods are supplied at the price price in effect at the time of the invoice date, the invoice date corresponding to the day of departure of the goods from our warehouses. The prices are stipulated without taxes, and include net packaging including packaging (except for special packaging taxed extra, example: wooden case, …) and tax included eco-packaging. Rates can be changed at any time with a two-month notice period.In case of absence of the consignee or a person who can take possession of the products at the time of delivery, the carrier will deposit a notice of passage to the delivery address indicated by the Client.


6 – ReservesThe Customer may not make reservations when delivering the Products in the case of non-conforming delivery quantities to the order, or in case the package containing the Products is seriously damaged. These reservations must be made in writing to the carrier at the time of delivery or no later than 12 hours after delivery. A copy of these reservations must be sent by post or e-mail to the Seller no later than 12 hours after these reservations have been made. It is the Client’s responsibility to provide confirmation with the carrier of the actual nature of these reserves.If the above procedure has been respected, and if it is proved that the reserves are due to the fact that the package and the Products are severely damaged, the Seller, at his option, will refund to the Customer the Price paid or will make a new one Delivery of similar products.If the delivery does not comply quantitatively with the Order, the Seller will refund only the price difference between the Products ordered and those delivered, and only if the Products delivered are of lower price than those ordered and paid. No reservations may be made in relation to the taste, appearance or freshness of the Products.

7 – Remittances and Settlement Terms

7.1 – DiscountsWarehouse Function Rebate: 5% warehouse rebate, this function being defined by storing consolidation orders delivered in a single point of sale before reliving them

7.3 – Terms of payment- Our goods are payable to the head office of the company of the Cazes group issuing the invoice.- Payments must be made upon receipt of the invoice, either in cash, by promissory note, or by 30-day billing date of invoice.- The payment of an invoice before its due date, whether or not resulting from the application of the General Conditions of Sale, does not entitle to any discount.- In the event of non-payment of an invoice at its due date, all the sums owed by the buyer immediately become due and without formality.- In addition, any amount not settled at maturity shall automatically and without prior notice to pay late payment interest and at least equal to 1.5 times the legal interest rate in effect on the date of From the first day of delay.- The amount of unpaid invoices will be offset at any time, without formality, with the amount of patronage dividends and other amounts owed by our company.- No claim of litigation (of any kind) will be admissible beyond twelve months of the fiscal year concerned.

8 – Provision of goods

8.1 – Products in permanent range- for pick-up: 5 working days upon reception of the order- for delivery (in metropolitan France and Monaco only): 7 working days upon receipt of the order


8.2 – Promotional OperationsRevenue from operations must be firmly and definitively ordered no later than three weeks prior to the start of the procurement date. In the case of operations on products bottled on the property, the reassortments must be the subject of an agreement with the supplier.Operation in permanent products (fixed production sites)- for pick-up: 10 working days upon receipt of the order- for delivery: 12 working days upon receipt of the orderOperation in permanent products (mobile production sites)- for pick-up: 21 working days upon receipt of the order- for delivery: 23 working days upon receipt of the orderOperation with special packaging (new product, box, suitcase, box …)- for pick-up: 21 working days upon receipt of the order- for delivery: 23 working days upon receipt of the orderThese delays are indicated as accurately as possible, but depend on the seller’s supply and delivery capabilities; Their non-compliance can in no case give rise to deduction, damages or cancellation of orders in progress.

8.3 – Sale at LossThe company will be obliged to suspend its deliveries to those of its customers who do not comply with the regulations governing selling at a loss.

9 – Claims and Disputes

9.1 – TransportationThe transport by us is only a facility granted to the buyer and invoiced according to the current transport schedule of the sending company. In the event of removal by a carrier chartered by the customer, the company shall not be responsible for the carriage of the goods. In case of damage occurring during transport, it is the responsibility of the consignee to exercise within three days any recourse against the carriers in accordance with articles L133-3 and L133-4 of the Commercial Code.

9.2 – Product qualityComplaints concerning the quality of the goods must be made immediately in writing at the time of delivery or withdrawal to our Establishments when there is an apparent defect, specifying specifically the lot number, and within eight Days of said delivery or withdrawal in the case of a defect not apparent at first sight. It will be up to the buyer to provide any justification as to the actual defects or anomalies found. He must leave it to the seller to make any discovery of these defects and to remedy them. He shall refrain from intervening on his own or from involving a third party for this purpose.

9.4 – Retention of TitleBy express agreement, we reserve the ownership of the goods supplied until the last day of their complete payment in accordance with the terms of Law n ° 83-335 of May 12, 1980. Failure to pay any of the deadlines may result in the Immediate claim of property. These provisions shall not prevent the transfer to the purchaser, as soon as it is delivered, of the risks of loss and deterioration of the goods sold as well as the damage which they might cause.

10 – Right of withdrawalIn accordance with the law in force, the buyer has a withdrawal period of 14 days from the day after receipt of goods. The purchaser who exercises this right is obliged to carry out, under his responsibility and at his expense, the return of the goods in their original packaging (unopened bottles) to the address of the Seller.

The Seller shall refund the purchaser within 14 days after the return of the Products. The reimbursement will include the cost of delivery to the Customer. The costs of return will be borne by the Customer.Download the revocation template: click here.11 – Confidentiality of dataThe passage of an order requires the registration of certain elements concerning the Client (name, first name, address, e-mail address).In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, the customer has the right to access, rectify and delete the recorded data. He may also assert his rights by addressing himself directly to the Seller by mail, mail or telephone.

12 – Invalidity – Force Majeure – Applicable law – CourtsShould any of these Terms and Conditions be declared inapplicable or invalidated for any reason whatsoever, this shall not affect the application or validity of the other provisions of the General Terms and Conditions, or the invalidated or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by the provision As close as possible.Neither the Seller nor the Customer shall be held liable for any non-performance resulting from force majeure beyond its control, including, without limitation, cases of war, riot, Insurrection, interruption of transport, import or export problem, strike, blackout, shortage, fire, earthquake, storm, flood.These General Terms and Conditions are governed exclusively by French law. In the event of a dispute, jurisdiction is granted to the courts of the head office in Clermont l’Hérault (Jeanjean), Carpentras (Ogier), Cahors (Rigal), Aix en Provence (Gassier), Perpignan The company concerned. This clause applies, even in the case of interlocutory proceedings, incidental claims or plurality of defendants and irrespective of the method and method of payment.